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Biswajit Chatterjee - Biography Career Film Song List and Family

Published 09th August, 2017

Actor Biswajit Chatterjee's Birth and Childhood

Biswajit Chatterjee was a Hindi and Bengali Film Actor in Early Seventies.He was born 14th December 1936 in Kolkata.

Who was the Father of Actor Biswajit Chatterjee ?

Ranjit Kumar Chatterjee was the Father of Biswajit Chatterjee. Ranjit Kumar Chatterjee was a Middle Common Man and He had no Connection with Film Industry. He lives in West Bengal, Near Dumdum International Airport Area.

Biswajit Chatterjee Career in Film Industry

Biswajit Chatterjee had a Dream to be an Actor. He was very Good Looking and Tall Man. After Complete his Education, He did few films in Bengal in his early life like Dada Thakur, Maya Mriga. Dui Bhai (1961) with Uttam Kumar was Very Succesfull.

After few Succes in Bengali FIlm Industry, He went Bombay (now Mumbai) and choose a Struggle life. With the help of few Friends, He got chances in Hindi Films also. He got Lead Role in Bees Saal Baad (1962). It was his first big Success in Bollywood (Hindi Film Industry). After Bees Saal Baad, He got many hit films in his Career like Mere Sanam (1965), Shehnai, Aasra(1964), Night in London, Yeh Raat Phir Naa Aaygi (1966), April Fool (1964), Kismat (1968),Do Kaliyan (1968), Ishq Par Zor Nahin and Sharaarat (1972) etc.

Biswajit Chatterjee Full Movie List

Biswajit Chatterjee Co-Stars and Actresses

Actor Biswajit Chatterjee was a Important And Leading Actor in his Time. He did films with All Leading Heroines of his era like Mumtaz, Asha Parekh, Waheeda Rahman, Mala Sinha and Others.

Actor Biswajit Controverssy with Rekha

Bollywood Actress Rekha's Debut Film was Anjana Safar (later The Title was Changed to 'Do Shikari'). Biswajit Chatterjee was in the Film. The Film has a Long and Bold Kissing Scene on Rekha and Biswajit. For the Scene, The film was not censored for 10 Years. After 10 Years It was Released by Censor Board.

Biswajit Chatterjee's career in Bengali Film Industry

Biswajit maintained his Acting career in Hindi and Bengali Film Industry both. When he did one by one Hit Films in Bollywood with reknown Stablished Director, He did not leave bengali films. He did many hit films in Bengali, The Films are Chowringhee (1968) and Garh Nasimpur with Uttam Kumar and " Kuheli " and much later, Srimaan Prithviraj (1973), "Jai Baba Taraknath "(1977) and Amar Geeti (1983) and more.

Biswajit Chatterjee as a Singer

Biswajit was not only an Actor, He can sing also. He did his voice in Many Films. He also released his Non Filmy Album (Disc) with Two Songs. In 1970s his song was became Superhit and it is superhit till now. The songs are 'Amar Chokher Kajole-e' and 'Jay Jay Din'. Both songsa re written and composed by Salil Chowdhury.

Biswajit Chatterjee as a Director

Biswajit Chatterjee was directed Movies also. His debut film as a Director was 'Kahte Hai Mujhko Raja' in 1975 was a semi hit film. In the film he cast Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Satrughan Sinha, Rekha, Kesto Mukherjee, Nadira and others. He was also in the film as a Actor. Rahul Dev Burman did music for the Film and Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeska and Mohd. Rafi sung for the Movie.

Looking the Team of the Film, Who can said that it was his debut movie.

Who Was the Wife Biswajit Chatterjee ?

Biswajit Chatterjee married twice with Two Beautiful women. First he Married Ratna Chattopadhyay. He has two Children from his First Wife Ratna Chattopadhyay. Prosenjit Chatterjee and Pallavi Chatterjee. Both are popular name in Bengali FIlm Industry.

Later when he started to live Mumbai permanantly, He divorced his First Wife Ratna Chatterjee and Married Ira Chatterjee. Ira is his current wife. He has a Daughter from his Second Wife. She is Prima Chatterjee and She has no Connection with The Film Industry.

Prosenjit Chatterjee have a Son from his Second wife and he is now living with Arpita Chatterjee. Arpita Chatterjee is Prosenjit Chatterjee's Third and Current wife.

Political Career of Biswajit Chatterjee

Biswajit Chatterjee was fight for General Elcetion in 2014 from Delhi. He standed from the Trinomool Congress Party. But He Lost and Ranked 7th. He managed only 900+ Votes for himself.

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