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Published 08th November, 2016
Last Update : Fri, 16 July, 2021 11:04 PM


Dev (Deepak Adhikari) was born on 25th December, 1982 in Village of West Bengal. It was Keshpur at Midnapore. In his childhood, he initially spent few years in west Bengal but he brought up in Mumbai. His Father Guru Adhikari was a Little Businessman and Mother Moushumi Adhikari is a Housewife. He went Purushottam High School and after complete schooling, he admitted Bharatiya Vidyapith University in Pune. He was a very good in studies. He completes his computer engineering diploma and came to Mumbai and join his father catering business.

How Dev cam into FIlm Industry ?

Dev's father had a Catering Business. He mainly supplied food in shooting location. Dev also went with his father to help him in business. Abbas Mastan offered him to join them as an observer. Dev took that offer and work in Ajay Devgn's Tarzan - The Wonder Car as an Observer.

What was Dev's First Film ?

On that time Director Prabir Nandi saw him and gave the offer to do his film as Hero opposite of Rachana Banerjee. The film was Agnisapath did not well in box office and people did not watch the film. Dev was under watched till then.

Dev was launced as a Hero in I LOVE YOU

Director Ravi Kinagi watched him on the Set of Agnisapath and gave him an offer for his new project. On the next year, Dev and Payel were launched in I Love You, the film was the remake of Salman Khan Starrer Maine Pyaar Kiya.

Dev got a massive response, people loved his dance moves. Then Dev did many films with Venkatesh Films and New Director Raj Chakraborty cast him in his Challenge and other films. Dev became a superstar within a couple of years.

Dev did some Item Number

Before Challenge Dev did a Item Number in Raj Chakraborty's debut film Chirodini Tumi Je Amar, The film and the Song both were very popular and the Songs of the film was the best seller on that year.

Dev also did an Item Number in Kaushik Ganguly's Jackpot with the song Jibone Ki Pabona (which was performed by Soumitra Chatterjee in his early days).

Dev was also appeared in Ekti Tarar Khonje.

Dev and His Heroiens

Dev Subhasree pair was very popular and they did many films together. According to news and gossips they had a relation but at now they are separated. Dev also gave some hits with Koyel Mallik, Srabanti, Payel and with Other Actresses also.

He is Popular but Dev was not consider as a Good Actor

There is no way to disagree that Dev is a most Popular actor in Bengal but He is very weak in dialog delivery. Established directors like Kamaleswar Mukherjee, Srijit Mukherjee cast him in their films but they don't give more dialog to him. Dev also knows that he has some problem with his dialog delivery and he is trying to improve this.

Chander Pahar - The Milestone Movie

Chander Pahar was the most Expensive film in Bengali industry. It was released in 2014. The film based on a Popular Novel by Bibhuti Bhusan by the same name. Chander Pahar was a Story of Shankar, a Village boy who has a dream to the world tour. He got a chance to go Africa with a job in railway. The railway station was placed in Jungle of Africa. Lion and Snakes usually come there.

Shankar meet some people and inspired by their adventure story. He leaves the job and went to Chander Pahar where Bunyip protected the Jewel under a cave.

Chander Pahar was directed by Kamaleswar Mukherjee and Produced by Venkatesh Films. Usually, Bengali films a were made with 3 to 4 crores. Chander Pahar took 15 Crores to complete. Dev did not charge anything for the Movie. But Production company gave ou a brand new car after the success of Chander Pahar.

Kamaleswar Mukherjee did not take any chance to cast any new actor as Shankar. Dev was already popular in Bengal. Without Dev, the movie can't be a success. Kamaleswar cast Dev but he writes the script very cleverly. Dev was got very little dialog throughout the movie. Mainly the film was narrative. Kamaleswar did the narration himself. People admire his idea and it was no problem to involve with the story.

The same team is also coming soon with Chander Pahar 2 in the theatre.

Dev and his Commercialy Success Movies

I Love You : Dev's first film was Agnisapath with Rachana Banerjee in 2006. Agnisapath did not well in box office. Then Dev came with I Love You in 2007. Dev's second film got huge success and Dev became popular and came to the same line with Jeet, the other popular actor-producer in Bengal.

There was a gap of more than one year between I Love You and Challenge. Before Challenge he did two more Romantic Films with Koyel Mallik. Those were Premer Kahini and Mon Mane Na. He went Mumbai and learn Dance and Fighting under Aejaj Gulab, Aejaj was the Fight Master of Mission Istanbul and Anil Kapoor's Shootout at Lokhandwala. He also did some Guest Appearances and Item Numbers in this phase of his career.

Challenge : He return with the film Challenge Nibi Na Sala in 2009 with Subhashree. Challenge got Huge success and Dev was considered as a Superstar in Bengal. Challenge was Mainly an Action Film.

Now he got offer many films from the big houses like Surinder Films, Eskay Movies and Venkatesh Films also. He did Dujone, Bolo Na Tumi Amar, Sedin Dekha Hoyechhilo, Dui Prithibi, Paglu, Romeo, Khokababu, Romeo, Le Chhaka, Khoka 420, Buno Haansh, Yoddha, Herogiri, Kelor Kirti, Lover Express etc.

How Dev Performed in Non Commercial Movies ?

All the above mention films were a remake of any Telegu or Tamil or Malayalam or Hollywood films. Besides these hardcore commercial movies, He also played some Original Character with good directors like Aniruddha Roy Choudhury, Aparna Sen, Srijit Mukherjee.

Bunohash : Bunohash was directed by Aniruddha Roy Choudhury and it was a good film. It did not very well in box office but though many people start to thinking that with a good guide Dev also delivers some better acting.

Aarshi Nagar : Aarshi Nagar was based on Shakespeare Romantic Novel Romeo Juliet directed by Aparna Sen. Aarshi Nagar was super flop. Critics told that The film was made for those people who are not Dev's Fan with Dev in lead. Critics also said that it was a massive mistake by Casting Team, Dev was not fit with These Type of Movie. Dev was also disappointed with this tag that he can't do well in Aarshi Nagar.

Zulfiqar : Srijit Mukherjee was the most popular and box office ruled director in Bengal. He knows very well how a movie will be successful. He is very well in Marketing as well as Casting. He can happy both The Mass and The Intellectual with his Films. Srijit took Dev in his Multi Starrer film Zulfiqar with Prasenjit Chatterjee, Parambrata, Rajatabha Dutta, Abir Chatterjee, Paoli Dam, Nusrat, Ankush and many popular actors and actresses in his film.

Srijit's Master Strokes, Dev was played a Dumb Character in Zulfiqar

Srijit Mukherjee had a plan, Dev played a Dumb character. He had no dialog in this film. Many people said that It was a great move with this tricks but many critics said that Dev was not so good to play a Dumb Character, It was better if Dev got some dialog. Without Dialog Acting will become tuffer and a Non-Actor like Dev can't give the expression But the fact is Zulfiqar got a huge response from Mass people as well as Critics as a Good Film. All agree that Dev is not the One who is responsible to Success of Zulfiqar. Mainly the director and Prasenjit and other cast were the main cause to Succes of Zulfiqar.

Amazon Return : After the huge success, Kamaleswar Mukherjee is coming with New Film Amazon Return. It will be the sequel of Chander Pahar and people also called the film as Chander Pahar 2. Novelist Bibhuti Bhushan wrote only the Chander Pahar, There was no any Second part of this Novel. The story of Amazon Return is based on Kamaleswar's original Story basis on Bibhuti Bhusan's character Shankar.

Dev's Career as a Politician

Dev was very close to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. She offered him to join politics and Dev was fought for the favor of TMC. He won and join parliament from Ghatal.

Dev told that joining politics was being Raped

Dev once said in an interview that He did not want to come in politics but Mamata Banerjee requested him very much and he couldn't refuse her. So to express his situation Dev said it was like being raped. If you can't stop then enjoy. The line was previously said by an Australian coach and became a phrase. But the Dev's statement has arisen many problems and people show their protest against him in Social Media. Later Dev said sorry to the people and he expressed that he did not want to mean by what he said. If anybody was hurt by his comment he was very sorry for that.

Dev also did some good work for his Constituency Ghatal. When Ghatal was affected by Flood he went there and work on the field with his Party Workers.

Dev spoke in Bengali in Loksabha for his Assembly Ghatal

Dev was spoken in Bengali in Loksabha and Speaker stopped him because he did not apply for the Permission to speak in Bengali. But Dev told that he give the letter and it was taken. Then Dev continued his lecture in Bengali. People admire his decision and The Ghatal People was happy because the Poor and Middle-Class people could understand what their Minister said in Loksabha Assembly for Ghatal.

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