100 Years of Indian Cinema

Published : 12th January 2016
Last Update : Fri, 16 July, 2021 11:01 PM

How many cinemas produced in India from last 100 years?? Anybody have any idea? May be nobody know the actual statistic. It is next to impossible to count those. On this article we try to remember some milestone movies which is never be forgotten. We really should know about these films. Here is the list :

Raja Harish Chandra - It was the first film of Indian Cinema directed by Dada Saheb Falke. The film was released in 3rd May , 1913. Some researcher said that before Raja Harish Chandra Dada Saheb Falke made an another movie named Sri Pundalik in 18th May, 1912. But Sri Pundalik is not a film, it was a Recording of a Maratha Play.

Alam Ara - After the very first film of India we need a long time to wait for Talkies. Alam Ara directed by Khan Bahadur Ardeshir Iraani was the first talkies. The film was released in 14th March, 1931. There was Prithwiraj Kapoor in the main casting of this film. Unfortunately the film was destroyed in 2003 by a fire accident.

Dhoop-Chhaon - India listen for the first time Playback Singing. The main actor was not good for singing, so Music Director Raichand Baral decided to song for the hero. This way playback singing comes to indian cinema. Dhoop-Chhaon directed by Nitin Bose, Released in 1935.

Kishan Kanya Now time to feel the colour. In the year of 1937 Director Moti B Gidyani made a film. Kishan Kanya based on the Novel of Sadat Hasan Manto.

Film pioneer Ardeshir Irani, who had produced notable films as Nala Damayanti;(1920) which was India's first international co-production(with Italy) and India's first talkie Alam Ara(1931) conceived the idea of producing a color film. The result of his efforts was the color film Kisan Kanya made with the Cinecolor process whose process rights Irani had obtained from an American company.

Neecha Nagar It is a 1946 Hindi film directed by Chetan Anand. Written by Khwaja Ahmad Abbas and Hayatullah Ansari, it was a pioneering effort in social realism in Indian cinema and paved the way for many such 'parallel cinema' films by other directors, many of them written by Abbas. It starred Chetan Anand's wife Uma Anand, Rafiq Ahmed, Kamini Kaushal, Rafi Peer and Zohra Sehgal.

Pather Pachali It was the first Indian Cinema who take positive response from internationally. Pather Pachali won 11 International Award and because of this film Indian Cinema got entry in the World Cinema. Pather Pachali is in the list of the top 50 Movies in the world. Film was directed by The Great Satyajit Ray in 1955.

Mother India Now Indian cinema took enter in the Oscar. First time any Indian cinema got chance to win Oscar Award. Mother India was selected for the section of Best Foreign Language Film but the fact was Mother India lost the award for only one vote. Film was directed by Mehboob Khan in 1957.

Kagaj Ke Phool Director Guru Dutt made this film on 75 MM Cinemascope. It was the first Indian cinemascope movie. Guru Dutt was not only the director of this film, he also acted very well in this film. It was 1959.

Yaadein It was 1964.The first film in the world where we can see only one character in the whole movie. This film also registered in the Guinness Book of World as a First One Actor Based Film in The World. This experimental movie was directed and acted by Sunil Dutta.

Ek Anek Aur EktaFirst Animated Film of India. It was a educational film made for Doordarshan in 1974. The length of this animation movie was 7 minutes and 7 seconds. Director was Bijaya Mulley and Animated by Bhimsen.

Sholay How can anybody ignore it to write of History of Indian Cinema? In this cinema first time we used Stereophonic Sound Recording System and 70 MM Wide Screen Format. It was take 2 years long to shoot the whole movie. Sholay Directed by Ramesh Sippy was released in 15th August, 1975.

Gandhi - We started our journey from 1913 and now it passed 70 years but till now we didn’t get any Oscar the Most Valuable Award for Cinema World. In the year of 1982 Released Gandhi, It was directed by a Foreigner Richard Attanboroh. Bhanu Athaiya was the Costume Designer in this film and he won the Oscar for the section of Costume Design. India got first Oscar after 70 years on his journey.

My Dear Kuttichetan The first Indian 3D Cinema directed by Jijo Punnos in 1984. It was dubbed by Hindi in the year of 1997 named Chhota Chetan.

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge The most longest running cinema in the world. 20 Years passed and it also running successfully in Maratha Mandir Theatre, Mumbai.

LOC Kargil Till now it was the Most Lengthy Film. Director J P Dutta made it in 2003. Duration of this film was 255 Minutes.

Baahubali : The film made on a budget of 120 crore and became the highest grossing Indian film within India and third highest grossing Indian film globally. It became the first south Indian film to gross over 600 crore (US$90 million) worldwide and the first non-Hindi film to gross over 100 crore(US$15 million) in dubbed Hindi version in India. It is also the highest grossing Telugu film of all time.

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