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Soumitra Chatterjee - An International figure from Bengali Film Industry. Everybody from the world to know how was the childhood of Soumitra Chatterjee and how he came into the film. So here we are going to write a feature about The Versatile Mr. Soumitra Chatterjee.

Published 02 Nov, 2016
Last Update : Fri, 16 July, 2021 11:04 PM

Earlier Life, Family of Soumitra

Soumitra, The legendary actor was born in Krishna Nagar. It was in Nadia District of West Bengal, India 19th January, 1935. Krishna Nagar is 3 to 4 hours journey from Kolkata by Car or Train. The town was very famous for Theatre Groups. There are so many armature and professional theatre groups in Krishna Nagar.

The parents were involved in theatres. His grandfather was a president and his father was an actor in a group. He started acting from school days. After schooling, he joined theatre as a regular member and take it seriously. Mrityunjay Sil, a well-known theatre person was very closed to him. He encourages Soumitra for acting in theatre.

How Soumitra was became in Cinema ?

His family came to Kolkata and Soumitra complete his graduation from City College. He has a Honors Degree in Bengali Literature from Kolkata University. He also completed his MA in Bengali from the Same University.

On his college life, he came closer to Ahindra Choudhury and got an opportunity to learn acting from him. On that time Soumitra watched Sisir Bhaduri and decided to take Theatre as a profession. He managed to meet with Bhaduri with the help of his friend's mother. Soumitra was in touch with Sisir Bhaduri for the next three years, until Bhaduri's death in 1969.

How Soumitra came in touch with Satyajit Ray ?

Besides theatre Soumitra Chatterjee also did a job in ALL INDIA RADIO as an Announcer. Soumitra also tried in Cinema but he rejected much time from directors. On that time Satyajit Ray was looking for a young boy for his Apur Sangsar. Satyajit watched Soumitra 3 Years ago on Aparijta Audition and did not forget his look, Satyajit contact with Soumitra and gave the offer for Apur Sangsar in 1959. It Was Soumitra's Debut film with Sharmila Tagore.

Awards and Recognization of Soumitra Chatterjee :

Soumitra Chatterjee got Padma Bhushan by Indian Govt in 2004. Soumitra also Received India's Most Honorable Award in Cinema Dadasaheb Phalke for Lifetime Achievement in 2012. He also got National Awards in Best Acting for two times. He also received First Filmfare Awards for East Best Male Actor in 2014, the Award was launched in that year. Soumitra got this Award for Rupkatha Noy.

List of Soumitra Chatterjee Awards

Civilian Award
2004 : Padma Bhushan by the Government of India

National Film Awards
1991 : National Film Award - Special Jury Award : Antardhan
2000 : National Film Award - Special Jury Award : Dekha
2007 : National Film Award - Best Actor for : Podokkhep

Dadasaheb Phalke Award

2012 : Dada Saheb Phalke for Lifetime Achievement

Bengal Film Journalists' Association Awards

B.F.J.A Best Actor Award for Teen Kanya (1961)
B.F.J.A Best Actor Award for Abhijan (1963)
B.F.J.A Best Actor Award for Baghini (1969)
B.F.J.A Best Actor Award for Ashani Sanket (1974)
B.F.J.A Best Actor Award for Sansar Simanthey (1976)
B.F.J.A Best Actor Award for Kony (1987)
B.F.J.A Best Actor Award for Agnisanket (1989)
B.F.J.A Best Actor Award for Krantikaal (2006)

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Some Remarkable Film List of Soumitra Chatterjee

1959 Apur Sangsar, Director : Satyajit Ray
1960 Debi , Director : Satyajit Ray
1960 Khudhito Pashan , Director : Tapan Sinha
1961 Teen Kanya, Director : Satyajit Ray
1961 Punascha, Director : Mrinal Sen
1961 Jhinder Bandi, Director : Tapan Sinha
1962 Abhijan, Director : Satyajit Ray
1962 Atal Jwaler Ahobhan, Director : Ajay Kar
1963 Saat Paake Badha, Director : Ajay Kar
1964 Charulata, Director : Satyajit Ray
1964 Kinu Gowalar Gali
1965 Akash Kusum, Director : Mrinal Sen
1965 Kapurush, Director : Satyajit Ray
1965 Ektuku Basa, Director : Tarun Majumdar
1966 Monihar
1966 Kaanch Kata Hirey, Director : Ajay Kar
1966 Joradighir Chaudhuri Paribar
1967 Prastar Saakkhar, Director : Salil Dutta
1968 Baghini
1969 Tin Bhubaner Paare
1969 Parineeta, Director : Ajay Kar
1969 Chena Achena

1970 Aranyer Dinratri, Director : Satyajit Ray
1970 Pratham Kadam Phool
1970 Aprichitaa
1972 Stree, Director : Salil Dutta
1972 Jiban Saikate
1973 Ashani Sanket, Director : Satyajit Ray
1973 Basanta Bilap
1974 Sonar Kella, Director : Satyajit Ray
1975 Sangsar Simante
1976 Datta
1977 Mantramugdha
1978 Pranay Pasha
1979 Joy Baba Felunath, Director : Satyajit Ray
1979 Debdas
1979 Ganadevota, Director : Tarun Majumdar

1980 Hirak Rajar Deshe, Director : Satyajit Ray
1980 Darpachurna
1981 Pratisodh
1981 Nyay Anyay
1981 Father
1983 Agradani
1983 Indira
1984 Amargeeti, Director : Tarun Majumdar
1985 Ghare Baire, Director : Satyajit Ray
1986 Koni, Director : Saroj Dey
1986 Shyam Saheb, Director : Salil Dutta
1986 Atanka, Director : Tapan Sinha
1988 La Nuit Bengali, Director : Nicholas Klotz

1990 Ganashatru, Director : Satyajit Ray
1992 Sakha Prosakha, Director : Satyajit Ray
1992 Mahaprithibi, Director : Mrinal Sen
1994 Uttaran, Director : Sandip Ray
1994 Wheel Chair, Director : Tapan Sinha
1994 Sopan, Director : Ajay Banerjee
1998 Aatmio Swajan Raja Sen
1999 Asukh, Director : Rituparno Ghosh

2000 Paramitar Ekdin, Director : Aparna Sen
2001 Dekha, Director : Gautam Ghosh
2002 Saanjhbaatir Rupkathara, Director : Anjan Das
2003 Abar Aranye, Director : Gautam Ghosh
2003 Patalghar, Director : Abhijit Choudhury
2005 Faltu, Director : Anjan Das
2005 Nishi Japon, Director : Sandip Ray

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