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Uttam Kumar - Biography Profile Film List and Family information

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Published 14th June, 2016
Last Update : Fri, 16 July, 2021 11:04 PM


Uttam Kumar was born on 3rd September 1926 at the home of his maternal uncle at Ahiritola in Kolkata. His actual house is Girish Mukherjee Road, Bhowanipore. Uttam Kumar’s actual name was Arun Kumar Chatterjee, His father was Satkari Chatterjee and mother was Chapala Debi. He has two younger brothers Barun and Tarun. Earlier he went South Suburban School and then Goenka College for higher studies. He was a student of Commerce and Business Administration. He didn’t complete his studies and join Kolkata post trust as a clerk.


During his working days in Kolkata Post Trust, he acted in theatre groups. Uttam’s family had their own theatre group Suhrid Samaj. He was a regular actor of this group and did many shows. Uttam Kumar acted for the very first time in Mayador directed by Nitin Bose, but it was not released, Then he made his debut with Drishtidan in 1948 directed by Nitin Bose. Earlier he did some four or five films which were flops. He changed his name for every film like Arun Chatterjee to Arun Kumar to Uttam Chatterjee and Finally Uttam Kumar. People laughed at him and made funny comments on him.

After some struggle, he got a role in Basu Paribar and it gave him some more recognition. 20th Feb 1953 Director Nirmal Dey made a film Sharey Chuattor with Popular Bengali Comedy Actors Bhanu Bandopadhyay, Johor Ray, Tulsi Chakraborty, Molina Devi and Others. Uttam was in the film with Suchitra Sen. Sharey Chuattor was a massive hit and the very first film as a Uttam-Suchitra Pair.

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Sharey Chuattor was running for 65 weeks and it established Uttam in the industry but it was not a romantic film and Uttam and Suchitra were not in the lead in that film. After one year in 1954 Uttam and Suchitra came as a pair in Agni Pariksha and Bengali People got their first Romantic Couple. The pair of Uttam and Suchitra got Most Successful and Popular Pair in Bengali Film Industry till now.

There are more than thirty films of this pair, the films are Shapmochon, Sagarika, Shilpi, Harano Sur, Sobar Upore and others. Saptapadi , Bipasha, Uttar Falguni, Gridaha, Har Mana Har. Suchitra did 30 Films of her 60 Films career with Uttam Kumar.  Priyo Bandhobi in 1975 was the last film of this pair.  Suchitra did Three another film after that and retired from Film Industry. She assiduously avoided the public gaze after her retirement and devoted her time to the Ramakrishna Mission.


Uttam Kumar married Gauri Debi and They had a son Gautam Chatterjee who was died for down from the fifth floor at the age of 59. Uttam left Gauri Debi and his family and lived with Supriya Chatterjee for last 17 years of his life. He has a Grandson Gaurav Chatterjee who is a Television Actor.


He got National Film Award for Best Actor for Chiriyakhana and Antony Firingee in 1968 in 15th National Film Award. He also got National Award as Producer of Uttar Falguni in 1963.

Uttam Kumar & Suchitra Sen Pair

There are many successful onscreen pairs before and after Uttam and Suchitra and many much more commercially successful too, but what is astounding about this special pair is that in recent history in context with Bengali cinema, no one can separate the name of Uttam Kumar from that of Suchitra Sen even in memory and this in spite the fact that both of them have done numerous films with others! Perhaps it is this that we call chemistry.

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They had done more than 30 films. All films were hit and superhit. Uttam was the first actor who started to show actresses name before his name. In Sharey Chuattor Uttam and Suchitra came together but they recognized as a romantic pair from their second film Agni Pariksha in 1954. The last film of this pair was Priyo Bandhabi in 1975. They worked together for the 20 Years and did many superhit films like Shapmochan, Harano Sur, Indrani, Saptapadi etc.

Uttam Kumar and Supriya Debi

Sonar Horin was the first film of this pair. They did many films together and made themselves as a superhit romantic pair after Uttam-Suchitra. Some of the films are Uttarayan, Agni Sanskar, Kaal Tumi Alyea, Sansya Raja, Bon Polashir Podaboli, Bagh Bandir Khela etc.

Uttam left his family and live with Supriya Debi for his last 17 Years of life. They had some bonding and relation with each others.

Uttam Kumar And Sabitri Chatterjee

For Uttam Kumar, Sabitri was the most powerful and talented actress of his all heroines. People also loved to watch Uttam Kumar with Sabitri Chatterjee. together, they performed in a number of blockbusters and superhits, few of which are acclaimed as evergreen comedies. They did Haat Baralei Bondhu, Dui Bhai, Nishi Padma, BhrantibIlash, Momer Alo, Dhanyee Meye, Mouchak.


He died on 24th July 1980 by multiple diseases. When he died he was just 53 and top of his career. He died during the last shot of his last film Ogo Badhu Sundari. When his last journey was going the people of Bengal came to the road and gave their love to him.

Uttam Kumar - At a Glance

Name :
  Arun Kumar Chatterjee
Reel Life Name :
  Uttam Kumar
Born :
  03rd September 1926
Father :
  Satkari Chatterjee
Mother :
  Chapala Debi
Brothers :   Barun Kumar Chatterjee, Tarun Kumar Chatterjee
Wife :   Gauri Debi
Son :   Gautam Chatterjee
Grandson :   Gaurab Chatterjee
Address :
  Girish Ghosh Road, Bhowanipore
Schooling :
  South Suburban School
College :
  Goenka College
Qualification :
  Studies in Commerce and Business Administration (incomplete)
Job :
  Clerk in Kolkata Post Trust
Theatre Group :
  Surihd Samaj
First Film :   Mayador (1948) (Not Released)
First Release :
  Dristhidan (1948) (Flop)
Recognition :
  Basu Paribar (1953) (Hit)
First Blockbuster :
  Sarey Chuattor (1953) (Blockbuster Hit)
First Solo Hit :
  Agni Pariksha (1954) (Superhit)
National Awards :

1. National Award for Best film as Producer for Uttar Falguni in 1963
2. National Award for Best Actor in Chiriyakhana and Antony Firingi in 1968

Last Film :   Ogo Badhu Sundori (1980) (Superhit)
Death :
  24th July 1980

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