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Rachana Banerjee | Biography - Husband - BoyFriend - Career - FIlm List

Published 31st Jan, 2017

Rachana Banerjee

Rachana Banerjee - Very Successfull Actress and Anchor from Indian Bengali Film Industry. She Started Her Career from Oriya Films and also Did South Indian Films. She Married Oriya Star Mohanti but They Separeted within a Years and Rachana Marraied Probal Basu and Now Living With Him.

Rachana Banerjee Childhood

Rachana Banerjee is the Only Child from her Parents. Her Father was Rabindra Nath Banerjee belongs a middle class bengali family from Kolkata West Bengal. She was Born on 2nd October, 1974. Her original name was JhumJhum Banerjee. Director Sukhen Das changed her name to Rachana Banerjee.

Filmy Career of Rachana Banerjee

Rachana Banerjee with Her Husband Probal BasuRachana Banerjee started her career from modeling. She won Miss Calcutta Beauty Contest in 1994. In 1994 She won more than five beauty contest including Best Smile in Miss India Contest.

Director Sukhen Das cast her in his Film and She was Introduced in Bengali film. She mostly did Odia and Telegu films in her first 10 Years of career.

SooryaVansham with Amitabh Bachchan in 1999 was a remarkable work for her. This film was an also a turning film for Amitabh Career also. Rachana Banerjee played a small but important role in this film.

Amitabh Character loved Rachana Banerjee but She did not like him because Amitabh was a village guy without education and smartness.

Rachana Banerjee did various Odia And Bengali film with Mithun Chakravorty also. Mithun Chakraborty is a Very Popular star in Hindi and Bengali Film Industry.

After Sabuj Saathi in 2003, She focused her career to Bengali Films and got more films from Bengali Industry. Next Year 'Mayer Anchal' got massive response from Bengali Audience and people liked Her 'Jodi' with Prasenjit Chatterjee.

Rachana did more than 35 Films with Prasenjit Chatterjee, Most of them are very popular and did well in box office.

Rachana Banerjee was a commercial film heroine, He did not get any chance to do thoughtful films from art-house directors.

Rachanha Banerjee in Television

Rachana Banerjee is very busy with her Anchoring Career in Television. She was forgotten and no one talks about her before her appearance in Television. Directors did not cast her in films anymore. from 2009 to 2016 she did only 6 films and all are the flop. 'Raamdhenu' directed by Nandita Das and Shibaprasad Mukherjee was the Only Film got some response from critics.

But from 2013 the scenario was changed and she got offered from Zee Bangla for Anchoring DIDI NUMBER ONE. And the game show changed her popularity. She got a huge response from this show. Now the new generation. even kids also love her. She is now coming to Every Family in Every Evening in 5.30PM to 6.30PM. This is the most popular women game show in Bengali Television.

Rachana Also did 'Tumi Je Amar' reality game show with her remarkable co-star Prasenjit Chatterjee. But the show did not get a same response like Didi No 1 and It was stopped in his first season.

Rachana Banerjee Husband and Marriage

Rachana Banerjee married Siddhanta Mahapatra in 2004. Siddhanta Mahapatra was a popular film actor in Odia Film Industry. Rachana Did many films with Him.

But the marriage with Siddhanta Mahapatra was not successful for them. They separated in the same year when they got married. Siddhanta Mahapatra divorced Rachana Banerjee and married Mama Mishra in that same year 2004. Siddhanta Mahapatra now involves in Odia Politics.

After few years of her divorced, She married Probal Basu in 2007 and Rachana was happily living with him. She has a Son Pronil Basu.

Rachana Banerjee Popular Movie List


2009 – Kurukshetra
2005 – Rakhi Bhijigala Aakhi Luha Re
2005 – Agnee
2004 – Santana
2003 – Nayaka Nuhain Khala Nayaka
2003 – Sarapanch Babu
2002 – Sei Jhiati
2002 – Kalki Abatar
2001 – Nari Nuhen Tu Narayani
2000 – Kandhei Akhire Luha
2000 – Suna Harini
2000 – Raja
2000 – Laxmi Pratima
2000 – Dharma Sahile Hela
2000 – Nari Bi Pindhipare Rakta Sindura
2000 – Mo Kola To Jhulana
2000 – Sindura Nuhe Khela Ghara
1999 – Sahara Jaluchi
1998 – Suna Palinki
1997 – Lakhe Siba Puji Paichi Pua
1997 – Ganga Jamuna
1997 – Suhaga Sindura
1996 – Laxman Rekha
1996 – Jashoda
1995 – Bhai Hela Bhagari
1994 – Sagar Ganga


2015 – Boudi.com
2014 – Ramdhanu (The Rainbow)
2013 – Goyenda Gogol
2011 – Jay Baba Bholenath
2011 – Moubane Aaj
2010 – Maha Sati Sabitri
2009 – Chaowa Pawa
2009 – Lakshyabhed
2009 – Aami Tomader Meye
2008 – Mr Funtoosh
2008 – Biyer Lagna
2008 – Takkar
2008 – Janmadata
2007 – Tulkalam
2006 – Agnishapoth
2005 – Ganrakal
2005 – Sathi Aamar
2005 – Swamir Deoya Sindur
2005 – Rajmohol
2003 – Guru


1999 – Sooryavansham


1999 – Pilla Nachindi
1998 – Maavidakulu
1998 – Nenu Premisthunnanu
1998 – Sulthan
1998 – Baavagaru Bagunnaraa


1996 – Poovarasan


2000 – Preethsu Thappenilla

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