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Film / Cinema is the Most Popular Art among The World. Many people want to tell their story by Cinema. If you are one of them and you have a dream to be a Film Maker you should join our Workshop.

Published on 25th Oct, 2016
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There are many directors and filmmakers who have different views about cinema. Some of them think that it is for Entertainment, Some of them tell Cinema is for Cause. But they all agree with that Cinema Industry is the very Entertaining, Challenging and Creative.

Film Making will be a very good profession if you will serious on it. Today's there are many production houses and television channels. You can join them and work for them. You can also make films as a Freelancer.

Other creative works related to Films like Scrip Writing, Editing, Sound Design will be very good for Career also. But remember Director is like Captain of the Ship, He should have knowledge everything in all departments.

Here in Kolkata, we launch a Film Making Workshop for Beginners. It is a 3 Months Course and Training on Script Writing, Direction, Editing, Adding Background Score, Dubbing, Internet Marketing and Publicity and much more.

Course Duration : 3 Months (Total 24 Classes)
Class Duration : 1 Hour and 30 Minutes for Each Class
Class Timings : Weekdays and also we Have a Class in Every Saturday and Sunday
Class Type : Only PRACTICAL Classes (No Theory Classes)

Our course module is designed for those people who want to make Short Film, Ad Film, Documentaries, YouTube Video, Music Video, Television Programs etc.

We have a suggestion to you, May you have a plan to join SRFTI or FTI or Roopkala Kendra or other 'Big' Institute. They may charge 2 Lakhs or 3 Lakhs. You may have the ability to pay that money. But before join them come to us and complete our workshop, it will help you to understand better about Film Making. Then when you will join those BIG Institutes (or Industries) you may easily understand their classes.

Note : We don't give any guaranty for Job, We only teach you :)

Contact Person : Mr. Prabir Kundu
Phone Numbers : +91 9830 144733
Whats App : +91 96744 32023

Visit Facebook Page :

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