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Sadhguru Critiques Akshay Kumar’s OMG 2 Certificate Decision

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Aug 10, 2023

In the world of entertainment, perspectives often clash, and the upcoming movie “OMG 2” is no exception. Renowned spiritual leader Sadhguru has voiced his reservations about the film's recent certification decision. In this article, we delve into Sadhguru's stance and the implications it holds for the movie.

Questioning the Certificate Decision

Sadhguru, known for his profound spiritual insights, has expressed concerns over the certification granted to “OMG 2.” The movie, featuring Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, has been a subject of anticipation and discussion. However, Sadhguru's reservations shed a unique light on the situation.

Sadhguru's Perspective

In a recent interview, Sadhguru shared his viewpoint on the certification granted to “OMG 2.” He expressed his belief that the movie's content may not align with the values and sentiments of a diverse audience. Sadhguru emphasized the need for filmmakers to be conscious of the impact their creations have on society.

Balancing Art and Responsibility

The clash between artistic expression and societal responsibility is not a new phenomenon. As “OMG 2” navigates this delicate balance, the question arises: Should filmmakers prioritize creative freedom or exercise restraint to avoid potential controversies? Finding the equilibrium between these two aspects is crucial in today's socially aware environment.

Impact on Entertainment and Society

Sadhguru's critique opens a dialogue about the broader role of entertainment in shaping public opinion and values. Movies, as a powerful medium, have the ability to influence minds and attitudes. This influence comes with a responsibility that filmmakers and artists must recognize and embrace.

The Significance of Certification

Movie certifications play a pivotal role in determining the appropriate audience for a particular film. Sadhguru's reservations about “OMG 2” highlight the importance of assessing the content's suitability for various age groups. This debate also raises questions about the effectiveness of the current certification process.

Addressing Diverse Perspectives

Society comprises individuals with diverse beliefs, backgrounds, and sensitivities. Filmmakers must navigate this complexity by considering a wide range of perspectives. The discourse around “OMG 2” underscores the challenge of creating content that appeals to a vast audience while respecting their values.


In the world of entertainment, clashes of opinion are inevitable, and Sadhguru's critique of “OMG 2” certification adds a thought-provoking layer to the ongoing discussions. As audiences await the release of the movie, the conversation sparked by Sadhguru's perspective encourages a deeper reflection on the intersection of art, entertainment, and societal impact. It reminds us all that while creativity is boundless, its influence carries a responsibility that must be acknowledged and upheld.

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