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Director Pravin Tarde Criticizes Salman Khan’s “Antim” for Mishandling “Mulshi Pattern” Remake

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Aug 10, 2023

Controversy has stirred within the Bollywood community as director Pravin Tarde openly expresses his disappointment with Salman Khan's film “Antim” for what he considers a mishandling of the remake of “Mulshi Pattern.” Tarde has taken issue with the adaptation, suggesting that the film could have benefitted from better casting decisions. In this article, we explore the director's critique and its implications on the cinematic landscape.

A Remake Misstep

Director Pravin Tarde has not minced words in his criticism of Salman Khan's “Antim.” The film, touted as a remake of “Mulshi Pattern,” has drawn Tarde's ire for its approach to the source material. The director contends that the remake missed the mark by failing to cast the appropriate actors, specifically suggesting that Aayush Sharma should have been considered for the role.

The Call for Correct Casting

Tarde's critique centers on the belief that proper casting is crucial for a successful remake. He asserts that the essence of “Mulshi Pattern” could have been better captured by choosing the right actors who align with the vision of the original. Tarde's suggestion of Aayush Sharma for a particular role serves as an example of his conviction in the importance of casting decisions.

Navigating Creative Liberties

The conflict between original directors and remakes often highlights the challenges of navigating creative liberties. While remakes provide opportunities to reinterpret and present stories to new audiences, disagreements like the one between Pravin Tarde and the makers of “Antim” underscore the need to strike a balance between artistic freedom and honoring the spirit of the source material.

Impact on the Industry

Pravin Tarde's candid criticism of “Antim” raises pertinent questions about the remake culture prevalent in Bollywood. The director's stance brings attention to the complexities of adapting existing works and the responsibilities that come with handling beloved narratives. This incident prompts a broader discussion about the relationship between original creators and those who seek to reimagine their stories.

Lessons in Collaboration

The clash between Pravin Tarde and the makers of “Antim” serves as a lesson in collaboration and communication within the film industry. While artistic interpretations vary, effective dialogue between creators can lead to more successful adaptations and remakes. This incident underscores the value of respecting the insights of original directors in such endeavors.


The critique voiced by director Pravin Tarde regarding Salman Khan's “Antim” and its handling of the “Mulshi Pattern” remake sheds light on the intricacies of adapting existing works for the screen. Tarde's perspective underscores the importance of casting decisions and maintaining a respectful dialogue between original creators and those involved in reimagining their stories. As the cinematic landscape continues to evolve, instances like this encourage a more thoughtful approach to remakes, emphasizing the balance between creative freedom and honoring the essence of beloved narratives.

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