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Demi Lovato Reflects on 2018 Overdose: Grateful for Personal Growth, But Suffers Lasting Vision and Hearing Impairments

ByCinema Chapter

Jul 15, 2023
In a candid interview with SiriusXM DJ Andy Cohen, celebrated singer Demi Lovato, now 30 years old, opened up about the aftermath of her 2018 overdose. Despite having no regrets about her past, as it shaped her into the person she is today, Lovato expressed her wish that the medical emergency hadn’t occurred due to the lasting effects it has had on her.
During the conversation, Lovato shared, “Well, I wouldn’t change my path because I don’t have any regrets. The closest thing that I get to a regret is when I overdosed, and I wish somebody had told me, one, that I was beautiful, because I didn’t believe it. And two, I wish that someone would’ve told me that if you just sit with the pain, it passes. It actually caused a disability. I have vision impairment and hearing impairment to this day.”
The repercussions of her condition have led Lovato to give up driving, as her vision issues make it unsafe to operate a vehicle. The challenges she faces serve as a constant reminder for her to stay on the right path. She expressed, “I don’t drive because I have blind spots in my vision. It’s a daily constant reminder. You know, anytime I look at something, like, I have blind spots in my vision when I look at your face, and so it’s a constant reminder to stay on the right path because I never want that to happen again.”
Demi Lovato, who had previously shared that she was mere minutes away from death during her overdose, emphasized the arduous nature of recovery and the importance of rebuilding trust. She acknowledged, “Recovery is a lot. And with time, comes trust. It was a learning experience of, ‘OK, people are going to have to learn to trust you again’. The only way they can do that is by you proving yourself. Not just talking but taking actions. My family is incredible. Do they worry to this day? Absolutely. That’s never going to go away, what I put them through. As a consequence, they ended up suffering.”
Lovato’s journey has been one of personal growth and resilience, and while she cherishes the person she has become, the physical and emotional aftermath of her overdose remains a constant reminder of the importance of her ongoing recovery.

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